Brand advocacy for retailers

In an economic downturn, you can’t afford to sit back and do nothing.


Sure, you can dial back marketing spend to the bare minimum, but you’ll also be giving a free pass for your competitors to take your future best customers.


But if you take just a fraction of budget from your costly paid channels and put it into a channel that delivers strong ROI and sustainable growth (like brand advocacy), you won’t just survive the economic downturn. You’ll come out stronger.


Brands like PUMA, Michael Kors, and Matches Fashion are shaking up the status quo by investing in customer advocacy.


And the results speak for themselves:


  • 8% increase in new customer acquisition (up to 30% with optimised programs)

  • 15% lower CPA for Meta's lookalike audiences

  • Businesses focussed on customer love outperform the market 3x


It’s time to turn towards the most valuable – and overlooked – asset: your customers.


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Brand advocacy for retailers