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Referral is the greatest untapped marketing opportunity today. And this book is the best place to get started.

Read this step-by-step exploration of the best-kept secret in data-driven marketing – a discipline that can unleash the power of personal, word-of-mouth recommendations to grow your brand and smash your KPI targets.

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Read A Beginner’s Guide to Referral Engineering® to learn:

  • Why referral works, why in-house referral marketing often fails – and why Referral Engineering® is different.
  • Basic and advanced Referral Engineering® tactics that will enable you to set up high-performing referral marketing programmes.
  • How Referral Intelligence® data can enhance your other marketing channels.
  • Plus – explore key Referral Engineering® outcomes, like: boosting customer acquisition, increasing sales revenues, strengthening your brand and improving the customer experience.

“We’ve seen the transformational effects referral can have on businesses. Follow the guidance provided in this eBook and you’ll soon see for yourself.”