Our values

Mention Me company values

Go Boldly!

Experiments drive progress, so be bold and give it a try. Mistakes happen, but it’s worth the risk. Never settle.


Aiming for awesome isn't always easy, but it's worth it. We love reaching our ambitious goals - and we love celebrating too!

Responsible, trusted

Live up to the trust placed in us and tidy our own bedrooms :-). Confidence and openness with each other is the result.

We all bring something

Appreciate, support and respect each other. We’re all in this together. Tolerate Andy’s fetish for pink stuff.

Stay balanced

We are more than our work; finding balance means we work better. We look for opportunities to do good.

Meet some of our team


John Gaspar

Head of Onboarding

‘ I love my job because I get to introduce clients to Mention Me and help them to get the most out of their first Referral Marketing campaign. It never gets boring since I get to work with many types of businesses and meet different people on a daily basis! ’

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Brewdog or iTALK Favourite holiday destination: Azores Office DJ request: Africa by Toto Favourite office snack Oreos

Nima Kafai

Head of Solution Design

'I take the lead with clients to drive performance and revenues through their referral programmes. I really enjoy AB testing new hypothesis and optimising my clients' performance with them. It gives me great pleasure that our clients don't have to figure out how to unlock the potential on their own as we can act as a trusted advisor for them.'

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Orlebar Brown – I love the Bond 007 referral competition Favourite holiday destination: Barcelona Office DJ request: Angel by Shaggy Favourite office snack Trail Mix

Mark Crowther

Head of Commercial Sales

'Mention Me is the first company that has enabled me to flourish both personally and professionally. We are a strong team as a result of all getting to know each other inside and outside the office. It helps that our journey is on a serious upward trajectory, of course, and there is a tangible sense of excitement about where we're going.'

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Brewdog - that was my first referral! Favourite holiday destination: Courcheval Office DJ request: Satisfied Mind - Jeff Buckley Favourite office snack Pistachios by the pint

Anna Stark

Creative Director

'The scope for creativity is unlimited and collaborating with inspiring people who love and support bold and unusual stuff has resulted in probably some of the best works in my career. Oh, and where else would I have a chance to install a 4m tall rainbow in the office???'

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Matchesfashion Favourite holiday destination: Ibiza Office DJ request: I:Cube - Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Mix) Favourite office snack Pink ladies

Geri Saks

Sales Director

'I love the people at Mention Me and I love speaking with some of the coolest brands in the world! No day is the same, something new and exciting happens every day and I thrive on change :) And I get to work in the most colourful & pink office in the world, with the biggest rainbow on the wall! It's a happy place!'

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Feelunique and Benefit I am a makeup junkie! Favourite holiday destination: Thailand - the land of smiles and the best food! Office DJ request: Lady Gaga - Fashion!

Edward Hartwell Goose

Head of Engineering

'I've really enjoyed seeing it grow from a tiny startup with just a few of us into a 65 person company - I'm excited to see where we go from here. I'm glad that we can be very business focussed too, rather than building tech for the sake of tech.'

Client I'm most likely to recommend: Bloom & Wild Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere with good company Office DJ request: The Piano Guys Favourite office snack Can't go wrong with a Hula Hoop
Ellis Turnell, April 17, 2018

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