Closing the gap between new and loyal customers post-Covid

The global pandemic has rapidly accelerated declining consumer trust in brands. As people become increasingly conscious of brand values and spending money, taking a customer-centric approach to marketing has never been so important.

This marketing strategy will drive sales & business growth post-Covid

The marketing landscape is dramatically different to six months ago.

Budgets are frozen. Events are cancelled. Consumer behaviour has changed.

5 ways the Coronavirus is changing business (for the better)

The Coronavirus has changed things. A lot of things.

In fact, many news headlines are claiming it’s changed our lives/ business/ [fill the blank] forever.

5 industries (still) thriving in the Coronavirus lockdown

Looking for the latest research on how the pandemic is impacting different sectors? Check out our blog on ecommerce activity since shops reopened

At the start of April, we wrote about 5 industries booming in sales and referrals during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was reassuring to note that, despite so much uncertainty and bad news, some businesses were not only surviving, but thriving.

12 examples of brand marketing campaigns adapted to the Coronavirus

Life has changed rapidly over the past few months. We’ve gone from spending our days with colleagues, clients and, well, everyone, to considering the houseplant a close friend.

It's not just everyday life Covid-19 has turned upside down. The pandemic presents concerning implications for businesses and their marketing budgets. In the UK, the latter is declining at the fastest rate since the 2008/9 financial crisis.

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