Focusing on Referral: The Glasses Direct Story (sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun)

Having enjoyed years of impressive organic growth, from a start-up in 2004 to becoming Europe's largest online prescription eyewear store, Glasses Direct decided it was time to add the referral marketing channel to their customer acquisition mix.  They suspected they were working with the right ingredients for refer-a-friend success:  happy existing customers and an innovative product worthy of sharing.

Without experience of managing the channel and scarce development resource they decided to look for a company that would provide the technology with an easy integration and help them optimise the channel.

Referral success story: Roku


Roku have found refer-a-friend to be one of their best channels for customer acquisition after turning it on in 2011.

Referral success story: Okabashi


Referral success story: Dropbox


Dropbox is a great business that has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. They now have over 100M users a day.

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