A Round-Up of The Mention Me Trust and Referral Marketing Summit

March 31st was the most exciting day of the year so far for the Mention Me Team.  From 2pm onwards we welcomed over 80 of our lovely clients to our annual client gathering.   The goal of the event was to squeeze as much opportunity for learning and sharing of referral marketing best practices as we possibly could into 2 hours – and boy did we do that!

Moments of Truth

A little disclaimer before you read this post: I am a market-research-aholic and lately I have been indulging myself with a number of different studies around the psychology of referral.  

Cialdini’s 6 Weapons of Influence: Part 2 of our Psychology of Referral Series

What compels us to act?  What influences people to take a course of action?

This post will cover:

  • How successful referral marketing campaigns are rooted in psychological persuasion
  • The 6 weapons of influence that should be in every referral marketing toolkit
  • How these 6 weapons of influence help the conversion of your referral campaign

Psychology of referral: what really motivates customers to refer a friend

The secret behind every successful referral is to make your customers feel they have more to gain than lose. In the first of this three-part series on the psychology of referral, we’ll explore this concept of social capital versus social risk and how it influences your customers' buying decisions. 

AB Testing referral marketing is essential.  Here's 5 mistakes you should avoid

We’ve recently published a new guide distilling some of the learnings from over 700 A/B tests we ran in the last year here at Mention Me.  

"A/B Testing is absolutely essential in setting up a successful refer-a-friend channel.  Without the insights and flexibility A/B testing brings, most business are lucky to reach 3-5% of new customer acquisition from a referral programme.  With A/B testing we routinely reach 10-30%.  It makes a huge difference."Tim Boughton, CTO and Co-Founder, Mention Me

The guide outlines 7 great experiments which should help you take the performance of your refer-a-friend campaign to the next level.  These are real-life A/B tests which have all been tried on various Mention Me clients.  Your customers may not respond in exactly the same way to these tests, but it is  a great resource to get you thinking about your own test list.

Download Now

Getting inspired with a list of potentially needle-moving tests is just the start of creating your own test plan.  There are a number of common mistakes which can undermine even the most creative set of experiments - so once you've downloaded the guide, read on to discover how to avoid 5 key pitfalls that can stop your testing before it  really gets started.  

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